About Us

Content Creator, turned twin mom Amanda, began formulating products shortly after giving birth to her baby boys Aaron and Ameir. The boys experienced terrible eczema breakouts on their body and scalp. After trying several over the counter options and prescribed medication from doctors. Influenced by her cousin, Amanda took matters into her own hands and began learning how to formulate products. This process was not without failure, but determined to help her babies, she kept doing her research and applied knowledge gained. Amanda then formulated products to help clear her boys skin and grow their hair, particularly for Ameir who suffered hair loss from his eczema.


This was only the beginning. As Amanda fell in love with product formulation, she decided to add other products, like the SheaOat soap for a gentle cleanse at bath time.


When you shop with The Baby Eczema Clinic, you can be sure that each product was created with love and care. Each ingredient was carefully selected to help combat Eczema, whilst minimizing the risk of irritation or adverse reactions. These products all have a story. They were created for the people Amanda cares most about, her baby boys.